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Pennsylvania Jobs

The federal jobs in PA keep the biggest cities buzzing with life, and the scenic landscapes, trout-filled streams and cross-country skiing trails offer myriad get-away opportunities for workers in Pennsylvania. If you?Äôre looking for urban environments packed with entertainment options, head to Pittsburgh or Philadelphia. The good news is that even the small towns scattered amongst the dense forest areas offer a multitude of employment opportunities in PA.

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Steel production, train manufacturing, banking and agriculture are the driving forces of Pennsylvania?Äôs economy. Voted the best city to find employment in, Chambersburg had a job growth of 11.6 percent between 2009 and 2012. Fifty miles east of Chambersburg, aspiring healthcare professionals can find some of the best PA state nursing jobs at the York Hospital, the city?Äôs largest employer.


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If living in a big city has always sounded like a dream come true, Pittsburgh has one of the lowest unemployment rates in Pennsylvania ?Äì 4.7 percent. Job seekers can find a number of PA state nursing jobs at the Center for Professional Development at Community College of Allegheny County, and if you?Äôre tech savvy, the Pittsburgh Technology Council is constantly on the lookout for aspiring candidates.

Federal Jobs in PA

If you?Äôre looking for federal jobs in PA, sunny Philadelphia offers numerous job opportunities, mostly inspection-related or

the healthcare sector. The city is home to the Federal Detention Center, the Federal Courthouse and one of FBIs main offices.

Gaining employment with the Commonwealth of PA is somewhat different from applying to a private organization. The central office is located in Harrisburg, which is your best shot at finding federal jobs in PA. The Commonwealth also has 11 engineering districts scattered throughout the state, if you?Äôre looking for a solid employment opportunity that takes you away from the hectic everyday life of the big city.

With their low unemployment rates and excellent job opportunities, cities in Pennsylvania offer just what an aspiring worker might be looking for. The federal jobs in PA are concentrated in the state?Äôs biggest city, but there are plenty of opportunities in the healthcare, transportation and inspection sectors in some of the smaller towns.

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